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The ascent of Mont-Blanc by Jules Janssen illustrated the cover of Journal des Voyages in 1901. Janssen toasted the development of "intellectual alpinism" at the dedication of the Saussure statue in 1887 and reached the summit himself in 1890. Janssen then led an extended effort to build a astronomical observatory on the summit in 1893. Janssen made his ascents in a sledge or “chaise-échelle” [“ladder-chair”] due to an early childhood injury. This image of the ascent was drawn by the artist-reporter Louis Tinayre and engraved by Frédéric-Godefroy Vintraut. The caption at the bottom: "Au moindre faux pas, toute l'équipe était menacée de roule dans l'abîme."

Source: Journal des Voyages et des Adventures de Terre et de Mer, Harvard University Widener Library, Geog 121.2 F 26 Mai 1901, No.234, p.409 [HXUXBR].


Janssen, Mont-Blanc, Chamonix, Observatory


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