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On August 3, 1863, at age 69, Henriette d'Angeville climbed the Oldenhorn, a 3,132 meter peak, also known as Becca d'Audon, whose summit marks the junction of three Swiss cantons. At the top, Angeville found a bottle with the names of climbers who had preceded her, including two English women, Miss Browne in 1862 and Miss Hamilton in 1861. Angeville added her name and that of her guide, Vincent Gottraux. She obtained certificates testifying to her accomplishment from local officials as well as her guide. The ascent caused a stir and was reported in newspapers in Switzerland, France and England. This portrait was made after this ascent, circa 1865, in Lausanne where Angeville lived from 1860 to her death in 1871.

Source: "Henriette d'Angeville d'après une photographie faite à Lausanne pendant qu'elle habitait cette ville," Annuaire du Club alpin français 20 (1893), p. 405. KE 948 v.20 (1893) [HW29CA]. Harvard College Library, Widener Library.


Henriette d'Angeville, Mont Blanc, Mountaineering


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