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Human-Computer Interaction, Users and Applications, Lecture Notes in Computer Science


Generation Y forms a sizeable workforce in today’s economy. Because this generation grew up with technology and is tech savvy it is likely that virtual worlds would serve as an ideal medium for recruiting such employees. To examine this possibility we conducted two studies, one of which required participants to examine virtual job fairs and then report on their impression. Our research showed that the participants in our study, who were part of the Generation Y population, had very little prior knowledge about recruiting in virtual worlds. Further, very few of them were familiar with Second Life, which is the major virtual world for recruitment purposes. Even after being introduced to Second Life and spending some time looking for job fairs and job leads in that virtual world, many of the participants expressed high levels of skepticism about the effectiveness of a virtual job search. Thus, Second Life, one of the most popular virtual worlds, is not well-known among Gen Y. There is an overall lack of awareness and thus virtual worlds, Second Life in particular, are not perceived by Gen Y as a suitable medium for recruiting.





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